HHS Soccer Foundation

2020-21 Board of Directors

President – Jamie Bertotti

Vice President – Dalin O'Bryan

Treasurer – Stephanie Tighe

Secretary – Julie Pomeroy

Board Members
Andy and Bethany Arbuckle
Stuart and Amy Bahn
Jerry and Stacey Becker
Jamie and Michelle Bertotti
Raymond and Beth Brody
Joseph and Alyx Gabers
Todd and Carlin Giles
Paul and Missy Good
Mike and Karen Leonard
Alex and Stephanie Miller
Brad and Stacie Niemiec
Dalin and Shuhanna O'Bryan
Jason and Julie Pomeroy
Brian and Michaela Procter
Louis and Jill Roberts
Scott and Mickie Rynor
John and Stephanie TIghe

Communications (Girls) – Amy Bahn

Communications (Boys) – Dalin O'Bryan

Sponsorships – Jason Pomeroy

Christmas Project – Missy Good, Alyx Gabers

Kick Off Dinner (Girls) – Michaela Procter, Bethany Arbuckle, Alyx Gabers

Kick Off Dinner (Boys) – Missy Good

Merchandise – Dalin & Shuhanna O'Bryan, Mickie Rynor

Webmaster – Jerry Becker

Alumni Relations – John Tighe

Alumni Bricks – Jerry Becker

Indoor Tournament – John Tighe, Jamie Bertotti

3v3 Tournament – John Tighe, Jamie Bertotti

Pink Out Night – Amy Bahn

Teacher Appreciation Night – Missy Good

Concessions (Girls) – Carlin Giles

Concessions (Boys) – Julie Pomeroy

Post Season Banquet – Carlin Giles, Michaela Procter, Missy Good, Alyx Gabers