Posted: December 15, 2015

Update on Shark Attack Victim

Hello Friends,

Recently I have received multiple requests to update Tony's progress. I wish I could tell you that it's been by leaps and bounds, but instead, it has been slow and painstaking! 

Since Tony survived the brutal shark attack on 10/17/15, he has gone through 4 surgeries at QMC in Honolulu. After almost 5 weeks of hospitalization, on 11/19/15, he was discharged into a step-down facility called The Villas for convalescing and rehabilitation. 

Last Thursday (12/3/15), he went back to QMC for a 5th surgery. They removed the three metal rods from his left heel. These rods have been holding his ankle to his leg.  Since the surgery, the excruciating pain and occasional fever returned. 

While the pain is being medically controlled, beginning this Wednesday, 12/9/15, the Physical and Occupational Therapists have been busy training him to stand up with some assistance. First day, he could only stand up for 12 seconds.  Today, with strong motivation and determination, he stood for 13 minutes.  After which his T-Shirt was penetrated by sweat! 

One of the many obstacles, while learning to stand up (with aid) is to balance his "unbalanced" weight.  This is because half of his leg is missing on the right side!!!  This is the "New Normal" he needs to acclimate.

He is also dealing with pain and swelling in his reconstructed foot.  When blood from the arteries reaches his left foot, the venous return in the newly reconstructed veins are not yet functioning normally.  They need a long time to heal and patience to train.

The swelling on his amputated right leg is almost gone.  A temporary prosthetic will arrive on Friday.  A coordinated therapy, hopefully, will soon begin.

Tony has been ultra-determined to become independent.  Not able to put any weight on lower extremities, he has learned to transfer himself from bed to wheel chair; open/shut doors; use toilet; take shower without anyone's assistance.  However, this good old Mom is still useful to run errands and/or be chauffeur, on occasions.  I will remain in Hawaii for as long as, needed.

We appreciate very much of your kind and comforting thoughts.  We apologize for not answering hundred of mails, individually.  Please understand that I try to avoid repeating the same tragic story, over and over.

Life is very, very, very precious.  We thank God for granting our son, Tony, a second chance in life.  T'is the season to be thankful!